Written by Ilona Maria Gunkel:

A wonderful little work that touches, stimulates thought and thus brings about change. What is really important in life is thematized in the chapters of the mindfulness book and ends with the touching topic of impermanence and grief. A nice end. The book reads fluently, easily, never boring and at the end results in an examination or maybe a correction of your own thoughts and actions. Through the applications and the diary section, what is read is deepened and is remembered. I had a lot of fun with the book and I can only recommend it to anyone who cares about mindfulness.

Written by Esther Norman (life counseling and coaching):

Lovingly designed, well thought out, with an unusual concept and at the same time suitable for everyday use: All of this is the "diary of mindfulness" - written in an easy-to-understand manner and effective in the long term thanks to your own cooperation and guided self-reflection. I can heartily recommend this really helpful introduction to the subject.

Written by Susanne Wawersig:

The book tied me up and I couldn't put it down until I had finished reading it. I will certainly open it again and again to read the topic several times. The chapter Anger & Forgiveness in particular moved me and helped me to get ahead in my situation. The chapter Negative Thoughts & Suffering is also written very nicely and won't let me go. These are the places that speak to me and make me think. Together with the applications and their implementation, a very interesting experience for me. The diary idea in the form of notes is unique to me.
Despite the complex topics, the book is very simple and easy to understand, never boring and also very suitable for beginners. Thanks to the structured structure, I can always quickly go back to other chapters and read them if necessary. A really great book that touched me deeply.

Written by Liane Wirzberger:

I had a lot of fun reading the book. The simple spelling conveys even complex content in an entertaining way. In the applications for the chapters, successful approaches are shown in order to integrate the topic contents into one's own life. All in all, a very good guide to mindfulness. A really worth reading and recommendable book.

Written by Mathias Kiefer (holistic health advice):

Here the author has succeeded in creating a really nice book. Congratulations! The book reads fluently, is easy to understand and just right for all those who want to get an overview of the topic. The applications for the book section are also a good addition to deepen and internalize what you have read. A good overall concept that I can gladly recommend.

Written by Dietmar Poetzsch (Panta Rhei life counseling):

Reading the book has been a great enrichment for me. Both in terms of content and formulation, conceptually, in terms of design and booking technology. I was thoughtful, sometimes sad, also had to smile, ...
It is written very clearly. In view of the complexity of the subject and the depth of its treatment, it is probably a small stroke of genius. Respect! The applications are all traceable. My respect for that too! The content of the book has kept me thinking, and it continues to do so. I feel the structure of the book is consistent when I read it.
Here is a booklet that offers a lot of interesting, stimulating and helpful information on the subject of "mindfulness" in a very pleasant linguistic and visual version for the curious, beginners and experienced. Probably the greatest specialty, however, is that you can work with this book not only reflect on your own life, but also shape it. Thank you very much for that. I wish this particular book a wide circulation.

Written by Ruth Fischer (energetic coaching):

I came across this remarkable book by accident. Even if I already practice mindfulness in everyday life, I found it a wonderful summary and overview of all areas around the topic of mindfulness.
The entire book is very lovingly and lavishly designed. In particular, I find the entire original presentation with the different colors, the clear headings and the small symbols very stimulating and varied. Overall, it makes a very high-quality impression on me. With the right additions to the book, it is more than just "just a book". And then the feel is incredibly beautiful.
In terms of content, I found the short, clear chapters particularly pleasant. Especially nice with the summaries "Remember". I particularly like that to look up quickly. And then always a small exercise guide. It was a real pleasure to read this book. I received a lot of impulses to deepen what I already knew. We recommend!

Written by Michaela Kroker (The Salt Grotto: My Day by the Sea):

A very interesting book on the subject of mindfulness, which gives an easy-to-understand overview of the topic. Together with the application part, a great opportunity to integrate what you have read into your own everyday life. The brief summaries at the end of the chapters are particularly helpful if you want to look up something quickly. I really enjoyed reading and it inspired and touched me in a special way. I also like the design of the book very much. The colored design, the pictures and graphics, the well thought-out structure, the additions - everything is harmonious, beautiful and different.
This book is thought-provoking, because unfortunately one forgets and neglects the really important things in life far too often in everyday life. For me an extraordinary book that I can warmly recommend.

Written by Andreas Graziadei (mindful architecture):

Dear Dominik, once again I am very happy about your change and your PATH. When I was allowed to find out that you created and implemented the little work I now have on Mindfulness with all its facets.
I was also very happy that I was able to give a little impetus for this. The intention to represent a moment of happiness in a key experience and the individual "disciplines" as the body of the ferris wheel is unique and also very successful as a metaphor.
The LOVE for your family and the insights into your life are very nice biographical. Ultimately, however, there is the statement, the will, that the souls who want to deal with the healing topic of MINDFULNESS are handed a nice workbook of self-knowledge at hand and through the haptically very valuable work in combination with the guide, notepad and pen daily companion can be. Really very nice and I hope that it will be a helpful tool for one and the other on their LIFE PATH. All the BEST for this and LOVE for all users. Your friend Andreas Graziadei.

Written by Nadine Bein & Tapio Torikka:

Despite the profound topics, the book reads airily, easily, fluently and understandably. This is a very special implementation in the introduction of mindfulness and its numerous facets. The applications are easy to understand and make it easy to design and reflect on your own path of personal development in the form of a kind of notebook. Due to the special design, the humorous writing and the author's personal anecdotes, the book (and the author) is gaining in sympathy. Due to the high quality of workmanship, the book is ideally suited as a "daily companion" for several years. We wish all future readers a promising journey of discovery with this book.

Written by H. Wenz:

The book is perfect for everyone who is looking for an introduction to the subject of "mindfulness". It is written in an understandable manner and not overlaid with technical terms. The loving illustrations always fit the topic and support what is written.
You can find your way around very quickly and it is easy to get to the respective chapters that you need at the moment.
The book is of high quality and it's just nice to hold in your hands. You can also pack it in your handbag and always have it to hand.
Also makes a great gift because it looks extraordinary - not like an ordinary paperback book.
It offers enough space for your own notes and is therefore not just a reader. It is a companion through different phases of life and grows with your own entries.

Written by Robert L .:

The first impression of the book is very good. Quality, optics, layout, structure, etc. - everything is great. Reading was a lot of fun, which is also due to the fact that everything is written so that it is easy to understand. There are many books that deal with the subject, but I have to say that there are few that are as well summarized and interesting as this one. I also like the author's personal and personal stories. A really successful book with very interesting, compact and clear topics that make you think.

Written by Karin K .:

I got the book as a gift. At first I was a little skeptical because I only knew journaling from my youth. But this book is very different. It goes way beyond a diary. The book part is great, the applications inspiring and the way of taking notes on the topic is just right for me. In any case, the book gave me a lot and made me think. I am always looking forward to writing a new entry and rereading the topics. Each time I read it again (carefully) I discover something new and the connections become clearer and clearer. In retrospect, a really great gift.

Written by Meike K .:

I have been looking for a diary like this for a long time (diary is actually an understatement, since it is definitely a book too). Easy to read, well structured and instructive. The topics are loosely (and also funny) written and well implemented. I especially like the graphics with the zombie and the little purple guy :-). There are many topics that I have the feeling that they are tailored to me. The book has helped me a lot and will accompany me everywhere from now on.

Written by Andreas T .:

I've read a few books on the subject, but I haven't seen anything like this yet. I like it when things are formulated compactly, which is very successful here. You get the essentials in a compressed and clear manner. It's not easy, especially with issues like this. Good structure and sequence of topics. Well done. Compact and competently implemented. All important topics are covered and the application examples are a good incentive for me to get things done. I had a lot of fun reading the book and it will certainly not gather dust on the bookshelf, but will be my attentive companion from now on.

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